Font Manager Client Windows changelog.

v4.0.2 2023-05-23

  1. Fix:Enable background startup function when app launch.
  2. Fix:Window maximization and dragging position issues.
  3. Fix:Trial font problem fix.
  4. New:Show force logout information when another computer login successfully with same account.

v4.0.1 2023-01-09

  1. New:Sync installed font from server.
  2. New:Font collection can share and follow.
  3. New:improve UI/UX design.
  4. New: iFontCloud 4.0 introduction.

v3.6.1.1 2022-4-14

  1. Fix:Speed ​​up font and data loading speed.
  2. Fix:The default sorting method of the font list is "Sort by Release Date".
  3. Fix:Modify window startup size.
  4. Fix:Error message fix.

v3.5.0.7 2021-11-15

  1. New:When updating, the update content can be displayed and the update process can be provided.
  2. New:When the data is updated, a flashing prompt will be displayed on the page tab.
  3. New:On the order page, add Devices button for redirect to devices web page.
  4. Fix:Improve the operation interface and add tips and guidance.

v3.4.1.3 2021-09-15

  1. Fix:Solving abnormal problem when app shutdown.
  2. Fix:UI optimization.

v3.4.0.37 2021-07-15

  1. Add:Show total/installed/uninstalled font count.
  2. Add:Add upload user log feature.
  3. Fix:Adjust error message.

v3.3.0.16 2021-01-11

  1. Fix:Security upgrades.
  2. Fix:UI optimization.

v3.3.0.15 2020-12-28

  1. Fix:When at Dark appearance, FontList view apply fail problem.
  2. Fix:Fix data read write fail problem.

v3.3.0.13 2020-04-08

  1. Fix:After the trial is over, the progress bar is still displayed when clicking download.
  2. Fix:When logout, task bar icon of ifontcloud will disappear.
  3. Fix:When app shutdown, it will show shutdown screen first.
  4. Fix:Troubleshooting other errors.