Privacy Policy

In order to ensure the privacy of the personal information of our website’s members and customers, and to make your network activities safer and more enjoyable, please take some time to read the following terms in order to understand how our company protects personal information.

Application scope

These terms apply between you and Arphic Technology Co., LTD (hereinafter referred to as ARPHIC) on the following items that involve the collection, processing, and utilization of your personal information:


  • You purchased products from this website or participated in the various activities of this website (such as becoming a website member or subscribing to newsletters, etc.)
  • You participated in ARPHIC related activities.
  • You proposed advice or suggestions to this website through phone, fax, or the customer service E-mail of this website.

Use of cookies

  • This website will write cookies into your browser and read the browser’s IP address, visiting time, and the number of times different information was viewed in order to perform total analysis on the network traffics and network behaviors for internal management needs of the website and to provide optimal personalized services. We will not perform analysis on “individual” viewers.

  • If you are unwilling to accept the writing of cookies, you can set deny writing of cookies in the browser, but doing so may also cause certain functions of this website to unable to be executed normally.

Server record

When you access this website through browsers, application programs, or other user terminals, the server will automatically record specific technical information. These server records may include information such as your webpage requests, internet communication protocol address, browser type, browser language, and the date and time the requests were sent, etc. This server record is for server management reference only. ARPHIC will not use this server record to perform analysis on “individual” viewers.

Collection, processing and utilization,
of personal information

  • When you order products from this website, seek advice from customer service, or participate in the various activities of this website, we will require you to provide the necessary personal information (such as name and E-mail, etc. Please refer to the member or activity information fields for detailed contents) based on the nature of the business or activity. We will also process and utilize your personal information within the range of the specific purpose such as at necessary times, places, and objects. Also, in order to provide you with better services, we will retain your personal information while you are our member or within the period allowed by the law. This website will not use your personal information for other purposes without written approval from you or other legal basis.

  • If you contacted ARPHIC through phone, fax, or the customer service on this website, please provide your correct phone number, fax number or E-mail address for us to reply to the inquiry.如

  • ARPHIC will follow the related processes and internal operation specifications when processing your personal information, and perform the necessary personnel control based on the information security requirements.

  • ARPHIC will not collect any information related to personal identities from behaviors including browsing this website and downloading files.

Sharing personal information
with third-parties

  • This website will not provide, exchange, lease or sell any of your personal information to others. However, this does not apply to situations with a legal basis or other circumstances that are in compliance with the provisions of the law.

  • Circumstances of the preceding paragraph include but are not limited to:
    1. Cooperation with legal investigations of the judicial unit.
    2. Cooperation with investigations or use of the competent authority’s ex officio or job requirements (for example audit by the ministry of economic affairs or an accountant).
    3. Believing that disclosing your personal information is necessary for the law based on good faith.
    4. When your behaviors on this website are in violation with this declaration, or may damage or hinder the rights of this website and ARPHIC, or cause losses to anybody, and it is necessary for ARPHIC to disclose your personal information in order to identify, contact, or take legal actions.
    5. When ARPHIC is obligated to provide personal information in accordance with the contract based on subcontractual relationships.
  • When ARPHIC entrusts companies to help collect, process, or use your personal information, we will fulfill our duty for the supervision and management of the subcontractor or individual.

Other matters

  • You can log in to this website’s membership system to query, view, delete, copy, add and modify your personal information, or to unsubscribe to the newsletter. If you need ARPHIC to stop collecting, processing, or using your information, or have other questions and suggestions, please propose them through phone, fax, or the customer service E-mail of this website.

  • This website uses the account and password that you set during registration as the basis of identifying members. Please keep them safely and memorize your account and password. Do not share them with other people in order to protect your own rights and interests.

  • You agree not to use this website to perform any illegal or inappropriate behaviors, and guarantee that the information you provided is real information on yourself, or information that has been legally authorized by the other party. If you provided any information that is in violation with the rights and interests of others, this website or ARPHIC, or behaviors that may cause damages to others, this website or ARPHIC, we may suspend or delete your account. If any damages were suffered due to the information you provided or your behaviors, you will be held fully responsible for the civil, criminal, or administrative responsibilities.