DM Font Pack 方案內容調整

DM Font Pack 中 Royalty 系列共 4 套字型,因原廠進行字型調整,因此自方案中移除,待日後更新完畢再行上架,造成不便敬請見諒。



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What is Web Font?

Web font is a technology that displays typefaces used on a webpage on the browser of various platforms using true text. You can select suitable fonts for a website so that users browsing the website can also see it, and no longer just the plain default font of the computer.(Feel free to contact us if you have further question and service needed.)

Responsive Web Design

The layout of the page can be changed dynamically according to different reading devices.

Consistent visual experience

Unified sensation of cross-application platform, high quality vector fonts.


Texts used in the webpage allow search engines to resolve the page more easily.


Effectively compresses the file size of the font and allows data transfer to be more efficient.







Year - 12 months

NT$  499

NT$  5,000

PV (page view): When the website is clicked and successfully loaded, it will count as 1PV; this means that the user has successfully browsed a page with Web Font set.

Register now to enjoy free 5,000PV/month web font service.

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